Spirulina, the Bacteria You Can Love

Up close and personal with spirulina

After writing about Sea Buckthorn, I was curious about other high-impact foods that our bodies crave. Spirulina is one that pops up on drink mixes and smoothie menus nationwide so I thought I’d take a look into it and see why it’s so fabulous.

Spirulina is a type of bacteria–the good type–that grows in lakes and ponds. Researchers suggest that spirulina:

  • promotes weight loss
  • fights toxins in the body and removes toxic metals
  • improves mental agility
  • lowers cholesterol and excess triglycerides
  • fights viral infection
  • helps to generate new blood cells and promotes faster healing of wounds
  • moderates blood sugar issues
  • renews your tag at the DMV

Okay, so it won’t renew your tag but if you drink a smoothie with spirulina in it while you’re waiting in line, you’ll be strenghtening your immune and nervous systems!

Drinking lake water is not a good way to get spirulina. The most convenient ways are in powder form or in supplements like LiquaHealth. From my experience, it tastes a bit grassy but is not altogether unpleasant.

Have you tried Spirulina supplements? Which do you prefer?




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