MRT Training Update- What Worked and What Didn’t

In the past, I wrote an article on MRT training and mentioned that I’d give it a try and let you all know about my progress.

What Didn’t Work I didn’t want to lose a huge amount of weight so I figured I could do MRT training without dieting and still get results. Wrong. If I did lose weight, I couldn’t tell by the  number on the scale. It’s possible that I lost fat and gained muscle at the same rate but I doubt it. I noticed that my endurance improved and I was able to increase the reps performed and then increase the amount of weight used… but no weight loss.

What Worked I maintained the same amount of repetitions and resistance but for these recent weeks I’ve been more mindful of my food intake. I started out by religiously drinking my 6-8 cups of water. I read that drinking water in the morning sets your body in order to function and digest throughout the rest of the day and I couldn’t agree more. I lost 2 pounds that week. Then I cut out fried food, soda, beef and pork.  I’ve lost 6 pounds in about three weeks.

Is It Easy? Using weights is easy. Cutting certain foods out of my diet was hard, especially in the South on a busy schedule. The Southern Cliche encourages a bucket of friend chicken on the way home but we’ve got to fight it! Before I ate anything, I asked myself, “How will this help me?” Soda and fried foods simply don’t help you at all. Whatever you can eat fried, you can eat not fried and it’ll be healthier. Even diet sodas are just sugary nonsense. If it isn’t helping, why eat it?

If I’m fiending for something, I then ask, “What’s a better alternative?’ 10/10 times I found healthier food options and felt better about my decision–especially when the weight fell off!

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