Jump Off the Hampster Wheel with Biophilic Design

Explore building that is better for the environment and human health.

Why are office buildings and hospitals so formidable? Below is an article that I wrote for one of my favorite clients, Thoughtforms Corporation Builders. See how biophilic design can improve business productivity and aid in the healing process for patients.

Biophilic design unites structures with their natural environments. Such built spaces feature numerous windows for natural light, ample ventilation, green spaces, and ideally a structure composed of materials found in the region.

There may be a strong connection between biophilic spaces and improved productivity in the workplace. A study associated with Herman Miller Company shows an increase in productivity, fewer health problems, less absenteeism, and a higher sense of overall well-being among employees. These factors have considerable impact on a company’s bottom line. There is an additional study underway at a new, bio-friendly Bank of America building.

In addition to biophilic design’s impact on company productivity, researcher Stephen Kellert aims to study how more natural settings could help hospital patients. Past study show that natural environments are conducive to health and healing. “In one study, for instance, spinal surgery patients in rooms with bright sunlight needed 22 percent less pain medication than patients in darker recovery rooms,” says Kellert. Sources suggests that naturalistic settings can also shorten recovery periods and ultimately lower health care costs.

For more on biophilic design, read Kellert’s book, “Biophilic Design: The Theory, Science, and Practice of Bringing Buildings to Life.”

Source: The Dirt

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