4 Easy Steps for Making Positive Changes This Fall

Photo by Evgeni Dinev

Fall is all about change: the changing color of leaves, the changing temperatures, changing from fun summer laziness to hectic school-time chaos. Why not make a few positive changes for your life this fall? It’s a fun way to rediscover a zest for living that feels fresh, vibrant, and sustainable.

Rethink Your Diet Food fuels the body. If we aren’t giving our bodies the nutrition that we need, we cannot operate optimally: we feel lethargic, forgetful, easily exhausted and we won’t look our best. To revamp your diet, start small, such as making a concerted effort to get your daily intake of fruit, then your daily intake of vegetables, then eliminate harmful foods (fried dishes, for example).

Take Up a New Hobby or Rediscover an Old One I used to play the violin, the flute, and dance consistently. Due to my busy work schedule, I hardly have time for anything and I can feel the negative effects. Whenever I get back to at least one of my hobbies I feel my creative energies return. If you’ve turned aside a passion for daily tasks, rediscover that passion! You can also wake up your brain by learning a new skill.

Reach Out to Someone Make calls or send emails to friends and family that you’ve lost touch with over the years. The first time may be difficult and you may not know what to expect–hope for the best! If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Photo by Vladislav Sabanov


Be More Conscious It’s easy to think that recycling, eating healthy, and conserving resources is too much work. Like any habit, it takes time to form but the long-term payoff is priceless. I preach the gospel of starting small. Start with recycling items that you use frequently. Then move to checking labels at the store and opting for recyclable products/packaging instead of what you’re used to. Take the baby steps approach in other areas of your life that seem too difficult to change.

What are other ways that you can make positive changes this fall?

Source: PlanetGreen.Discovery.com

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