VIDEO Yoga for Tight Hips: Desk Job Woes

Whew! I finally got around to doing another yoga flow video. This one is perfect for those seeking a short, sweet, and effective asana practice. It clocks in at about 25 minutes and will leave your hips feeling more open, stronger, and delicious!

It’s taken me so long to create another yoga video because I simply haven’t had a great place to film one. Lighting, setting, sound–the components never lined up. Honestly, they still don’t. Half of this video was shot in my driveway. The other half was shot on the back deck (that is in serious need of a paint job). I recorded the sound in a vacant guest bedroom–hence the weird echo–but at least it’s quiet in the evenings.

I got tired of waiting for all of the perfect elements to line up. You guys wanted a new yoga workout and now you’ve got one. It’s a solid sequence with lovely sunset lighting that makes my skin look great… so I think that’s a win 🙂

But isn’t that like all fitness and wellbeing endeavours? We often think that we have to wait for the perfect circumstances. We miss out on so much goodness by waiting around for perfection. Step out there, do what you can, and appreciate the benefits as they come. Every single day is the perfect day to work towards a healthier mind and body.

What to expect:

Sun Salutations C, A, and B— three rounds each! This is great for warming up the muscles and developing a bit of endurance. Salutation C moves slowly and the pace picks up by the time that we get to B.

Hip Strengthening Exercises— I stole these from Graham Fowler over at Peachtree Yoga Center. He’s great. I pretty much had to crawl out of his class. We only do 20-ish reps each (whereas we did 50+ in class) so this video is suitable for most students.

Hip Openers— We will use a block and strap to really get deep down in there, y’all! So scrumptious.


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