EVENT: Detox with Yoga & Essential Oils

Do you want to enjoy better health?model in side plank

Do you want to see and feel faster results from your diet and exercise?

Are you ready for more energy and a better mood year-round?

Nope–I can’t offer a magic pill for any of that. But I am offering an amazing workshop that will show you how to use yoga and essential oils to naturally improve your health.

I could write endlessly on the benefits of yoga. Multiple academic studies reveal that yoga encourages mental wellness and physical health. Among its benefits, yoga can also help the body expel toxins and waste. Yoga’s trademark twists and folds promote digestive health and prevent the stagnation of waste within our bodies. These poses also give students an opportunity to find a balance between rest and effort, giving and receiving–all of which can lead to an emotional detoxification of sorts.

Learn how to integrate many of these detoxifying folds and twists into your daily yoga practice. To take the detoxification process a step further, participants in my upcoming workshop will also learn how to integrate key essential oils.

Essential oils are naturally occurring organic compounds that are derived from plants. These compounds protect and regenerate the plant. The oils also give the plants their unique aroma! Essential oils are readily recognized and accepted by the human body, making them particularly powerful in promoting human health.

Each essential oil has hundreds of molecular compounds that work together to support our bodies’ systems. Different combinations of compounds will serve different systems of our bodies, which is why you may notice that one oil can benefit seemingly unrelated areas. Many oils support healthy functioning of the digestive health, liver, and kidneys while providing additional benefits for the body. You’ll get an opportunity to explore these oils during the workshop and find the ones that are best for you!

Detoxing with yoga and essential oils is an excellent way to start off the New Year. You can create a clean slate for your mind and body from the inside out.Made Free Yoga studio workshops

Interested in learning more? Attend the Detox Yoga & Essential Oils workshop on Sunday, January 17, 2015 from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Register online or call Made Free Yoga studio at 770-751-9777.

Presenters include:

Daniela Simina is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 certified instructor, with an  international background in yoga, energy therapy, fitness and martial arts.  Daniela is the author of Anychair Yoga, book and DVD, and Yoga Fundamentals DVD. Learn more at SiminaYoga.com.

Erica Rascon is a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certified instructor teaching throughout northeast Atlanta. Erica also serves as a dōTERRA essential oils Wellness Advocate, promoting health through preventative practices and natural remedies. Learn more at EricaRascon.com.

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