Avoid End of Year Weight Gain in 4 Steps

Balance your alcohol intake with water for multifaceted results.

Congratulations on living in America and making it through Thanksgiving without gaining 30lbs. Wait. You did gain 30lbs? Sorry ’bout that. Here are a few tips for avoiding more end of year weight gain so that you can start the New Year off right.

Pure Iced Tea has always preached the gospel of healthy living and sustainable practices. Loading up on holiday goodies that are high in calories, high in sugar, and low in nutritional value is by no means healthy or sustainable. We’ve found a few fun ideas that will help your enjoy the holidays without eaters’ remorse.

Balance Booze and Water: Alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories. If you have plenty of parties to attend but want to watch your figure, try drinking one glass of water for every beer or cocktail that you consume. The water will 1.) Keep you hydrated and prevent hangovers. 2.) Fill you up faster so you drink less alcohol, eat less, and save money. 3.) Help your body metabolize so you don’t gain weight. Simple, right?

Tell Grandma to Shove It: We’ve all got those grandmothers who want to shove an additional serving of everything down our throats. Don’t be afraid to say no! Use humor to deflect any offense: “No, thanks. What’s on my plate is enough to last me until Valentine’s Day,” or “I blame my chunky hips and thighs on you already. Do you want to be responsible for my whale ass?” If they still don’t get the hint, firmly say, “Seriously. Stop it. I’m done.” There may be a three second silence following but you won’t be coerced into eating more!

Favor Fruity Desserts: You see a dessert table loaded with sweets. Steer towards fruit desserts like a fruit tarte or an apple pie instead of chocolate cakes and cookies. Odds are, the creme and chocolate snacks use ample artificial additives so you aren’t getting the benefit of cocoa and milk. If you can see fruit in the dessert you stand a better chance of getting nutritional value.

Say no to that second helping no matter how sweet the old lady looks!

Walk It Out: After you’ve stuffed your gut, gather a few fellow partiers to take a stroll around the neighborhood. Any sort of physical activity is better than collapsing into a food coma.

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