Skip the Food Pyramid and Get In On MyPlate

USDA's new guidelines are easier to follow.

I don’t think enough regard was payed to the last food pyramid but, alas, we have¬† a new one! MyPlate is the USDA’s new version of the food pyramid.

There are a few points that I instantly like about the new layout and the accompanying “key consumer messages.” First, there isn’t so much talk about servings. Everyone has problems with serving sizes and very few of us break out reference sheets and measuring cups every time that we eat. This new method simply says things like, “Make half of your plate fruits and vegetables”.¬† If you lay out your fast food meal and half of it doesn’t constitute a fruit or a veggie, you’re likely doing something wrong. That seems simple enough to understand for just about anyone.

The food gallery helps with portion sizes.

Unsure about what constitutes a certain food group? The USDA website provides a list of recommended foods for each group as well as a photo gallery. In the gallery, you can see recommended serving sizes for various foods.

Looking to lose weight? Check out the food tracker and the daily food plan. There are also diet guidelines for pregnancyt and breastfeeding.

Like with any tool, it is only helpful if it is used! Try out MyPlate resources and let us know what you think!


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