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Weight loss is an issue that is close to my heart; it’s part of the Southern Cliche that kills us. I’m often curious about the best methods of maintaining healthy weight and obtaining healthy weight once things have gone awry.

Metabolic resistance training (MRT) seems to address both of those concerns by shedding fat and building muscle simultaneously. I came across an article on on the effects of MRT training and I want to share some of that with you.

The training method requires “fast-paced weight-training circuits that are arranged in a noncompeting order.” So after working the upper body, work the lower body and repeat.

When added to a dietary regimen for weight loss, MRT yields the best results, better than dieting and aerobic exercise and much better than dieting alone:¬† “those who combined diet and MRT lost nearly 20 percent more fat than those who combined diet and aerobic exercise and nearly 30 percent more than those who only dieted.” That’s excellent news for those who want to lose excess body fat.

This is my absolute favorite part: “MRT keeps the body’s metabolic rate elevated for up to 38 hours. In other words, you’ll continue to burn fat long after your MRT workout has finished.” Score! Your body is still getting down to business after you have stopped working. All the previous research was interesting but that little tid bit is what made me want to start an MRT regimen.

I’m not aiming to lose weight right now so I won’t be “dieting” per se, just making wiser food decisions. By adding some MRT to my daily activities I hope to see some toning and shaping rather quickly. I don’t intend for this to be a fitness journal so I won’t likely post pictures unless something dramatic happens that I feel might be encouraging to readers– or that I should warn them about!

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