Yoga Journal: Week 2

I’m participating in #blossomingyogis on Tumblr. It’s been an interesting journey. It’s great to see others practicing yoga at different ability levels.

The wonderful ladies hosting the blog are @sassyyogi, @nivueniconnue, @donutyogi, @tothemarathonandback, and @bendyrae. They’re quite advanced so they’re an inspiration.

Below are a few of the poses that I’ve been working on thus far. In a month, I’ll shoot the same poses again and show progress.

Standing Split Goal: This is clearly NOT a standing split, so my goals are quite obvious, haha.


Standing Spinal Twist Goal: This one is doing alright. I could use a bit more confidence in both legs.


Plow Pose Goal: for the yoga challenge we were suppose to do a shoulder stand that involved lotus pose–which I can’t do–so that’s my goal!


Humble Warrior Goal: The legs are decent but I can sink into it more and pull my arms above my head. Gotta get my shoulders and chest open!


Half Lord of the Fishes Pose Goal: Not bad, yay! I could place my right foot flat on the floor. There is also a variation with one leg straight that’s worth a try.


Dolphin Pose Goal: There should be a plane resting on my back, shoulders, neck and head. I could also open the backs of my legs more for a longer, straighter line, and press my heels to the floor.


One-Legged Big Toe Pose Goal: This is so not even close, haha. I want to be able to hold my big toe instead of my ankle; this would entail reaching over my head and back to make a pretty arch. My other leg should be able to press flat against the floor so that I’m not leaning away from my raised leg–this requires more back strength than I currently have. But I’ll get there!



It’s my first time attempting most of these poses. I’m grateful for my body that’s working with me to reach my goal. I’m also thankful for my husband and sister who play photographer for me. God knows how many times they’ve heard, “Ew. Wait, let me take that one again,” haha!

Much love you all and keep striving to reach your goals!

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