Play a Game, Feed a Friend in Need

Do-gooders and gamers rejoice! There is now a way to play games while helping to feed a friend in need. is a bit sneaky. They try to educate you while encouraging you to participate in good will offerings to people that you don’t know. I love it! When you arrive to the page, you can select from subjects like math, chemistry, vocabulary, geography and the humanities. There are also games in Spanish! When you play any of the games, a right answer earns 10 grains of rice. There is no penalty for wrong answers.

You may be thinking, “Wait, only 10 grains of rice?” Of course it would be great if every right answer was a pound of rice but I won’t complain–just for playing a few (easy) games you’re helping a good cause. So jump in and play! Besides, those grains add up. On July 6, players donated  672,23,56,960 grains!

The games are a creative effort by the United Nations World Food Programme, which serves in dozens of countries across the globe.

On a personal note, this website tossed me back into a proper perspective. In a country where we have all you can eat buffets, super sizing, and mammoth-sized portions at most restaurants, it is easy to forget the value of food. Those 6 millions grains of rice that were donated yesterday are a life and death difference for many families across the world. This is a super easy way for us to do our part to help end hunger.

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  1. I love! I use it in my classroom all the time. It’s one way to get my kids excited about learning new vocabulary. We practice synonyms and feed the hungry all at the same time!!!

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