Ethical Holiday Shopping: Do Good While Giving Goods

Start off your holiday shopping in the true spirit of the season! Show your compassion by giving gifts that are ethically sourced and committed to making our communities a brighter.

Subtle, Chic Clothing

I’m so late on this awesome bus it’s not even funny. I walked into Altar’d State in Cumming for the first time last month! Altar’d State has incredibly cute, stylish, and comfortable women’s clothing and accessories. Shoppers will find highly textured garments and plenty of fun silhouettes. So far, the only downside (for me) is that there aren’t many bold colors or extreme patterns here because the  overall pallete is muted and relatively soft.

Altar’d State apparel is manufactured or handmade by vendors that share the company’s mission of giving back to local communities. Many brands are fair trade or donate proceeds to worthy causes. Altar’d State has Mission Mondays where 10% or proceeds got to local charities.

The prices here are on par with those of a department store so it’s reasonably priced clothing with a conscious.  Think of all the good you’re doing while shopping! Atlanta locations include Marietta and Cumming. There are 30 stores throughout the southeast. military inspired style from Altar'd State

Fed by Threads supplies American-made, vegan clothing using organic American cotton. Proceeds support programs that feed Americans in need. All around, it’s a slam dunk for philanthropy, health and the local economy. This Arizona-based store has a great online site for those who don’t live in the area.

I encourage you all to check it out. The stock is a blend of fashionable styles and more bohemian cuts.The palette includes rich jewel tones, warm earth tones, and plenty of solids that are easy to mix, match, and integrate into your existing wardrobe. Find men and women’s apparel, athletic wear, and a few accessories.

Can I spend a minute to address Fed by Threads’ awesome advertising? Real-looking people of diversity with real-looking bodies wearing really awesome clothes! I freakin’ love it. There is also a chat box that pops up for customers if you have any questions. Dunno if they’ll keep that up during the holiday rush but it’s a nice touch.

The prices are on par with niche boutiques ($50ish for a sweater, $70ish and up for tunics and dresses). Items sell out fast. There are no sweatshops involved so each piece is made with love and takes a bit of time! Sizes range from S-XXL which gets an applause from me for catering to a broader clientele.

American Threads is a local clothing store that sells ethically made clothing created here and throughout the globe. I like that it’s native to the Atlanta area so shopping here supports the local economy.

The overall style is a touch edgy, a smidgen bohemian, with a dash of dainty here and there. It’s not a store for any one person or any one fashion sense, which I appreciate. By the way, the 90s grunge side of me really loves all of the flannel they’re carrying this season.

Prices are a bit higher than somewhere like Target but nothing too extreme. Find locations in Cumming, Atlanta (Emory neighborhood), Athens, and Snellville.

Eclectic International Gifts

Ten Thousand Villages is one of my favorite shops of all time. It introduced me to the idea of ethical and sustainable shopping, opening it’s doors waaaay back in 1946. I generally love everything in there and wish I had more money to spend. In any case, I walk out with something, even if it’s just fair trade, rainforest certified coffee beans. Gifts range in prices so it’s possible to find something nice at any budget.

My absolute favorite thing about Ten Thousand Villages is that each gift is handcrafted and fairly traded so that local artisans reap greater rewards for their hard work and creativity. Quite a few gifts are also linked to larger projects that address economic and social issues in the country of origin.

There are currently two locations in the metro area but that won’t last long. Ten Thousand Villages Cumming, in The Collections at Forsyth shopping center, will be closing soon. Everything in the store is marked down 25% or more just in time for the holidays. Ten Thousand Villages Atlanta, in the Virginia Highland neighborhood, continues to thrive and will be  convenient location for shoppers inside of the perimeter. Shop to support our local gem! There are also locations throughout the US and Canada.

Scarves & Bags

I’m always interested in learning more about stores with a conscious! Comment below to let me know about your favorite ethical, sustainable, locally-owned store.

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