Being Green…Even To The Grave

Creative Coffin "Bluebell 2"

Green enthusiasts have taken the next step. Why tear down trees for a fancy wooden coffin that you can’t enjoy anyway because, well, you’re dead? Why not create a coffin that is easily customized, friendly to the environment and less detrimental to your family’s finances?

I think so much of the energy and effort that we place into funerals is for our own benefit; the deceased could care less. If you believe in an afterlife, the deceased are in a place where the coffin matters very little (for better or for worse). If you don’t believe in an afterlife then traditional burials makes even less sense.

Creative Coffins are very logical to me. Here is what I like:

1.) These coffins are customizable. They can be a reflection of who the beloved was and what they were interested in. It’s not an overly formal rectangle that anyone of their height could’ve received.

2.) They’re composed of “at least 60% recycled paper plus wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests” and “natural starch based glues.” They’re lighter and easier to transport, minimizing its carbon footprint.

Rest among the dogwoods and winding paths.

3.) Use the cartonboard coffins for traditional burials or cremation.

Residents of Conyers, GA can be even greener to the grave. The Monastery of the Holy Spirit  offers natural burials at Honey Creek Woodlands. The grounds are suitable for coffin burials as well as cremated remains. This is a serious way to reconnect with the nature world that has given so much to us.  Additionally, the average natural burial costs thousands  less than traditional funerals.

What do you think of eco-friendly burials?

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