Atlanta’s Organic and Locally-Grown Breakfast Hot Spots

There is a small society of Americans that can eat breakfast at any time of day. I am a proud member of said society, so I am always on the search for locations that serve terrific breakfast throughout the day. Here are my three top picks for organic and locally-grown breakfast restaurants in Atlanta.

R. Thomas

I first fell in love with R. Thomas Deluxe Grill when I went with a few high school friends. There was something for everyone, from a burger-happy trumpet player to my vegetarian BFF. The establishment is respected in Atlanta for serving organic produce; free-range and organic meats; and food pairings that aid healthy vitamin/mineral absorption. There are plenty of vegan-friendly options as well as gluten-free meals. The establishment is pretty trippy–the sort of place that’s covered with odd paintings, memorabilia, and plant-life. It’s definitely earned a place in my heart.

Social House Omelette

Another location that gets high ratings for atmosphere is The Social House.¬† It’s a hodgepodge of American¬† history in one beautiful historic building. In the food department, I really appreciate the restaurant’s dedication to local farmers. The meals are made with fresh, Georgia-grown ingredients. Enjoy vegetarian options that are creative and full of flavor.

Chicken and The Egg's Eggs Benedict-- Grilled!


Chicken and the Egg is the newest restaurant on the list, recently added to Marietta Square (north of Atlanta). They offer seasonal fare that is sustainably harvested. Much of the produce is fresh and local. Check out the Sunday brunch! Since they’re new, be sure to visit and let me know what you think.¬† I wish this establishment a very successful future!

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