Get Rewarded for Being Green!

EarthAid is one of many ways to earn rewards for energy and resource conservation.

The following is a blog post that I wrote for Arco LLC, a design-build firm in Newton, MA. Learn more about how your can Earn Points for Being Green.

“Creating an energy efficient home by Arco is a rewarding experience. Local energy providers and social media tools are helping homeowners enjoy the benefits of green building even after they move in. Check out a few of these innovative programs that reward participants for their green initiatives.

Conserving energy in your home now comes with more benefits. Websites like Earth Aidare allowing users to monitor their home energy output through social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo. After charting their progress, users earn points for the amount of saved energy. Points can be redeemed for rewards like bath and body care, ice cream, and other goodies. There are also fun, friendly competitions between users.

Little steps towards efficiency around the house add up to rewards!

A few states and energy providers have started their own programs that allow homeowners to track their energy usage, receive a score and ultimately receive rewards or incentives. Massachusetts and Virginia programs report energy usage/savings on each monthly bill and allow residents to earn points towards coupons and discounts.

These small steps are strides to increase the mass appeal of energy efficient living. As programs grow in popularity, we hope to see more energy conserved and more Americans enjoying the rewards.”

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