Inhabitots Unites Eco-Babies Worldwide

Photo by Catherine Scott

I’ve got a soft spot for babies. That is largely because I, like most healthy human beings, have a soul. I was instantly in love when I came across Inhabitots, which combines precious baby supplies with an eco-friendly twist . (Subsequently I spent too much time watching baby Yerin videos on YouTube but stopped myself before getting any crazy ideas.)

Back to Inhabitots. The website promotes “sustainable design for the next generation.”  It’s a resource for everything from earth-friendly furniture to products, health tips, support groups, trends and beyond.

One of my favorite areas is the Kids’ Health section. It provides parents with fun ways to integrate healthy foods into children’s diets. The methods are fun, color, and relatively pain free. There are also articles about the health risks that kids face from traditionally manufactured products. Overall a good health resource.

There is plenty to explore so check out the website and let me know what you think!

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