Green Playgrounds to Enjoy for Generations

Give kids the gift of exercise that is good for their bodies and the environment.

When my sister recommended writing on green playgrounds, I prepared myself for a used-tires-and-paint approach to earth friendly play areas. I was glad to find that kids have more to play on these days than tires– a lot more. A local company, Safeplay Systems, is changing the way that kids play in the South and across the nation.

Based in Marietta, GA, Safeplay constructs structures out of EcoPlay, a post-consumer HDPE plastic composite (think milk jugs). One EcoPlay playground keeps about 30,000 milk jugs out of our nation’s landfills! The material is also PVC/Phthalate free. When the playground has outlived its usefulness–in 50 years– the entire playground can be recycled to make new playgrounds. These systems are the little jugs of joy that keep on giving.

An additional aspect of sustainability is durability. Safeplay systems are durable and easy to maintain. EcoPlay doesn’t have the weaknesses of wood or the safety and aesthetic concerns of metal: there’s no cracking, splintering, rusting, re-finishing or swelling with EcoPlay.

Let the fun begin!

Are they safe? The experts thinks so. EcoPlay playgrounds meet or exceed standards established by the CPSC, ASTM, ADA and IPEMA.

EcoPlay has earned the General Services Administration (GSA) Evergreen Award, making them the first playground manufacturer to ever win this environmental award. The systems are great for homes, businesses, and institutions that are aiming for LEED certification.

I look back now on the tires at my elementary school playground with a bit of sadness. I’m jealous of today’s youth. These systems are definitely a major improvement!

Source: Safe Play Systems

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