Stupidly easy ways to be greener in 2013

green living tips

Image via Rent Cafe Green Living

I’ve compiled a few resources that make your step-by-step transition to green living easier. I’ve got green living tips for lazy people, inconsistent people, and those who’re closet tree huggers and don’t want their friends to know 🙂

Stay motivated, informed, and up-to-date on the latest developments in the green movement with the Top 50 Green Living blogs. Each blog has its own personality, from quirky and edgy to more professional and direct. There are large online communities and more intimate ones, so find a site that’s right for your and join the fun.

10 Easy Ways to be Greener in 2013 shows that there is now need to exert a lot of effort to uphold your green living resolution this year. It’s a pretty good list of tips for beginners who aren’t quite prepared to retrofit their entire home or live off of nuts and roots. We’ve all got to start somewhere right? has a list of green products in varying price ranges that are fun to use, cool to look at, at green in one way or another. Some are resource and energy efficient, others use recycled materials, and others provide more Eco-conscious ways of completing daily tasks. Check the page often for updates on new products.


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