Why Earthing is Worth the Hype

earthing grounding practiceHave you ever noticed that paradise is intrinsically tied to nature? A tropical island retreat, backcountry camping in the mountains, and even manmade paradises have plants and earth tones present. That’s because our minds and bodies depend on a connection with the earth to rejuvenate, refresh, and heal.

Earthing, also known as grounding, is an ancient practice that has recently regained popularity. It’s a practice that reconnects us to the nurturing energy of the earth.

It’s hard to even call it a “practice.” Earthing is simply what humans used to do out of necessity. Before rubber soled shoes and memory foam beds, humans made constant contact with the earth. We walked, stood, sat, and slept on the ground, unknowingly conducting the earth’s energy.

Now, most of us have lost that connection with the earth and its “vibes.” That disconnect affects our minds and bodies in a variety of ways, often manifesting as fatigue, stress, and an inability to heal thoroughly.

When I brought this up with a good friend, she just raised an eyebrow. It never occurred to me that this might sound strange to some people. But here’s why it seems like such common sense to me: each creature on earth thrives in its ecosystem. When any portion of the ecosystem is disturbed or the creature is removed from it, there are adverse side effects. We have been removed from our natural environment and placed in boxes of manmade material. We are no longer thriving.

In addition to contaminating our air, polluting our water, and tainting our own food sources, we’ve also separated ourselves from a connection with the soil that nurtures us. We’re like fish out of water!benefits of grounding or earthing on humans

Getting grounded is easy but understanding the connection between humans and the earth’s nurturing vibrations isn’t as simple. Earth has its own unique pulse, a fundamental resonant frequency about 7.83 Hz, and an electronic field running on a continuous direct current. The earth is also negatively charged. All humans developed under the influence of the Earth’s profile. Only in recent decades have we gotten out of sync.

Now, our proximity to man-made alternating current (like what’s in your house) has thrown our bodies out of sync. We’re being overwhelmed with man-made electromagnetic fields, and researchers have witnessed a connection between EMFs and “stress-related responses” such as fatigue, migraines, and anxiety.

If that seems far fetched, think of it like this: Being rocked gently by your mother could sooth you but getting shaken furiously would give you a headache. That’s what’s happening on a much smaller scale in our bodies. Certain pulses are better for us than others.

But we can stop the bone shattering shake! Our bodies are natural conductors of the earth’s electrons, so we can can have electrons run through our bodies and re-balance with the earth’s rhythms if our conducting abilities are not blocked by rubber soled shoes and other nonconducting barriers.

People who have tried earthing report feeling:health benefits of earthing or grounding

  • well-rested
  • an increase in energy
  • less stress and anxiety
  • decreased muscle tension
  • improved blood viscosity
  • improved circulation
  • reduced inflammation
  • faster healing from injuries
  • end to sleep apnea
  • reduced heart rate variability
  • fewer migraines
  • and many other benefits as well!

It isn’t all a placebo effect, either.  Steve Kroschel has compared the growth of grounded and non-grounded plants (in vases) and found consistently that grounded plants lived longer and looked fresher than non-grounded plants. The test was recreated below at MitronicHealth. The plant on the left is not grounded. The plant on the right is grounded. Notice the difference in vigor and growth. Organic lifeforms need our connection to the earth to thrive!affects of earthing or grounding on plants

So, let your momma rock you back to health by spending some time barefoot in the moist soil or grass. You could go a step beyond and spend a while buried in the sand, which is like an electron-drenched spa treatment. We only absorb the amount of electrons needed to match with the earth’s electronic potential. Never more. Never less.

And hey, even if you still think that it is all hogwash you won’t regret playing in the dirt!

But I don’t want you to think earthing is nonsense. Get more info and then decide! Check out these resources:


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