Cradles to Crayons

It’s crazy to think that kids here in the metro Atlanta area will be starting school as early as August 1st. The snow days threw off everyone’s schedule. The news reminded me of a very special nonprofit that is changing the way that back-to-school programming works for children in need:

The list of what children need for school seems to be growing. What’s more challenging is that the materials aren’t affordable for everyone. The National Retail Federation reported that on average, parents will spend $688.62 on preparing a single child for school. For most of us, we simply cough up the extra cash so that our kids, nieces, and nephews can be fully prepared for whatever the school year brings. But that’s not a reality for all children. Many hardworking parents are struggling to provide the basic clothing their kids need for school.


That’s where Cradles to Crayons steps in. The nonprofit organization reaches out to homeless and low-income families, providing children from birth through age 12 with the essentials that they need to thrive at school, at home and at play. Items are provided through monetary contributions and through the donations of gently used clothing and shoes.

Learn more about Cradles to Crayon’s outreach efforts in Boston, Philadelphia and new branches in New Jersey. Cradles to Crayons | The Balance Sheet – Yardi Corporate Blog.



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