Celebrating UN’s International Year of Forests in Atlanta

I learned that 2011 is the UN’s International Year of Forests. I found that out when I was writing a blog post for a client in Missouri. The botanical gardens there are doing an awesome, citywide tree hunt with fun prizes and chances to offset carbon emissions through 3Degrees.

Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens aren’t doing anything of the sort. *sigh* Though I searched far and wide, I couldn’t find any events in Atlanta that supported Year of Forests. Help me out, you all; if you see a cool event in Atlanta or the metropolitan area, give me a heads up.

I have come up with a few things that you can do to celebrate Year of the Forests in Atlanta. Here are my suggestions:

Finding a geocache can be quite exciting!

1.) Geocaching at a state park. Geocaching is a fun way to treasure hunt in the woods. Reconnect with the beauty and mystery of nature. Remember: do not leave a trace. Avoid breaking branches, leaving trash and disturbing wildlife. Popular places to geocache near Atlanta include Amicalola Falls, Roswell Park, Pine Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Arabia/Panola Mountain parks and many others. Join the Georgia Geocachers Association to meet with fellow treasure seekers. The group is the world’s first geocaching club.

Celebrate Year of the Forests with outdoor activities.

2.) Plant a tree, or three or four… You don’t have to wait until arbor day to show your appreciation for the forest. When buying saplings, I prefer to go to growers’ markets instead of home supply stores (e.g. Lowes, Home Depot). Gotta support the smaller businesses!

Recycle used notebook paper, newspaper, boxes and other paper products.

3.) Recycle at home. Recycling paper products is a great way to show love for the forest. Let’s make the most of the resources that we’ve already harvested. Need help finding a recycling center in Georgia? Check out the Recycling Centers Directory. It lists traditional recycling centers as well as a few unique causes.


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