Xeriscaping, Less Lawn That’s Still Lush

Image by William P. Wright, Julie Chai via Sunset Magazine

I recently wrote an article for the landscaping company Columbine Design in Denver, Colorado. Just thought I’d share this information with you all, as well.

Keeping your turf lush and green in Denver can be a challenge. Create a Smart Lawn for your home by minimizing grass coverage with a multilayer garden.

Adding layers to your garden creates dimension. The lowest layer of your garden can consist of lush green hostas, Moss Phloxor other low growing plants. These will take the place of grass and act as a natural border for your garden.

Create your second level using the Lily of the Valley shrub (pieris japonica) or other mid-height plants, generally 6-8’ tall. Want to make a dramatic impression? Giant Mullein (verbascum bombyciferum) can grow over 70’’ tall and look amazing when surrounded by lower plants. Top off your Smart Lawn with climbers such as the kiwi vine (actinidiaceae) or the more xeric Clematis.

With the multilayer garden in place, your Smart Lawn may consist of less grass but you have added more texture, dimension, and color. Give your lawn character by creating winding walkways with the remaining narrow paths of grass. Add saturated color and sheen to the garden with focal pieces such as over-sized planters or urns.

Source: sunset magazine

Image Source: sunset magazine

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