Athletic Wear for Yoginis with Brains

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In my last post, Yoga, Sars and Something Like Crack, I explained how I’ve accepted my diagnosis as a yogaholic.

But while developing this pleasant illness, I nearly became a brainless shopaholic.

It’s easy to fall into America’s consumer culture even when practicing something as chill as yoga. Let’s get real: you can practice yoga naked or in a tank top and shorts from the thrift store. But we’ve turned yoga into a practice of stuff. Some stuff is more helpful than others: special mats,special towels, special totes, special socks, special straps, special pants, special shorts, special tops, special blocks, special pillows, special eye masks, special blankets, special headbands, special bracelets…

… all that special stuff is expensive.

“Yoga essentials” is a misnomer. You don’t need any of it. Practice naked. Save money. But if you’re going to cash out for yoga gear, why not do Mother Earth a solid and buy eco-friendly, sustainable yoga apparel?

These companies make ultra cute yoga clothes out of recycled and otherwise sustainable materials with minimal carbon footprints in manufacturing. Shop like a broad with a brain–and a heart!

Teeki transforms plastic bottles into stylish, comfy athletic wear. Each pair of pants contains up to 79% recycled materials. Teeki’s printing process also produces zero waste and requires less water than screen printing. Added bonus: clothing is made in the USA! This company offers creative prints that are bursting with color and personality. Average price for leggings is about $65.

Teeki wear

4-rth uses modal, a renewable wood product (like bamboo) as well as recycled plastic to make its comfortable yoga wear. The production process is closed-loop, resulting in minimal waste. (FYI the new swimwear line is 100% recycled plastic.) Clothing is designed and made in the USA. Though 4-rth offers women’s clothing, their men’s wear runs a much broader spectrum.  Average price for yoga pants is $56.

4-rth sustainable clothing


Beech Tree clothing is really made out of beech wood, a surprisingly sustainable source (think modal). Though it’s wood, it’s soft! The company also goes through great lengths to minimize negative environmental impact during the clothing’s creation resulting in carbon neutral manufacturing. Yoga pants average $58.

beech tree eco-friendly clothing


Thieves Boutique carries several lines of haute sustainable clothing (werk that sidewalk!) but they also feature Zen Nomad, organic yoga wear made in Canada. Three cheers for diversity in advertising! Average price for yoga pants is $84.

zen nomad athletic wear


Lolë  has a line of organic clothing that really plays with color and soft patterns, which I love. Not too many people rock this label where I’m from so it’s a nice go-to if when you want something different.  Another bonus? Sizes run XXS through XL.

organic yoga clothing


Fed by Threads  offers organic, locally made clothing. Their athletic line is limited but there are plenty of excellent choices for pre- and post- class coverups. What I LOVE is that each garment provides 12 emergency meals for Americans in need. Kudos for diversity in advertising here, too!

fed by threads arizona

Earth Creations uses natural clay dies and organic cotton to make its comfortable, effortless clothing. Since they’re mostly cotton, I’m not sure if they’re suitable for intense, sweaty classes but Earth Creations goods may be great for pre- and post- practice. Garments are made in US and abroad, though the website assures that “only fairly paid workers make our clothing, whether they live in the United States or elsewhere.” Yoga leggings average $75.

eco-friendly yoga wear

I’ve sorted through about 20 websites and while I’m happy to see such sustainable, cute athletic clothing for women I was…not disappointed by the lack of diversity in marketing at most brands. I want to be disappointed or even shocked but I’m not. That’s another post for another day, I suppose.

Well, you’ve seen my faves. What are some of your favorite environmentally and socially responsible outfitters?

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