Smart Growth Communities Gain Popularity

Here is an excerpt from a  post that I wrote for Thoughtforms Corporation Builders near Boston regarding home development and housing market trends.

Recent studies show that location matters to buyers more than size. Location no longer means beach or lake front; buyers are looking to place roots in smart growth comm

Smart growth communities provide living, shopping and dining facilities within walking distance of eachother.

unities. Residential Design + Build Magazine offers insight into this housing market trend that is likely to become a standard.

National Association of Realtors conducted the Community Preference Survey earlier this year. Findings suggest that home and land buyers are searching for smart growth communities, areas that are pedestrian friendly with leisure activities and shopping within walking distance. 56% of respondents say that they prefer these areas because they require less driving, save money on rising gas expenses and can ultimately be better for the environment.

3 out of 5 people surveyed are willing to sacrifice space to have their home in a smart growth community, particularly if the location cuts back on commute times to work. Previous trends indicated that buyers were willing to commute longer distances in exchange for more land and more square footage within the home. That is no longer the case.

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