Power Hang Gliding near Chattanooga

The much awaited video is finally here!

This adventure took place 15 miles outside of Chattanooga, TN with FlyThis.biz, a power hang gliding (or hangliding) business owned and operated by Erik. He was our pilot and companion during the experience. He is incredibly friendly, informative, and simply a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend him.

My fiance and I composed the video of footage recorded using GoPro Hero in addition to video recorded by Erik’s on-board camera. There are also bits of film from my fiance’s iPhone. Sorry for the changes in quality and the generic music. The videos will progressively get better as we improve as editors 😀

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_AToFhTxnQ]

The experience was amazing. Guests are given a brief overview of the craft before hopping in and descending a ramp into the water of Rankin Cove, Marion County Park. (Note: your feet will get a bit wet.) After taxiing to gain speed, the trike lifts effortlessly from the water and continues to rise…and rise…and rise…until it reaches 2,000. The trike maxes out at 14,000 and I suppose elevation depends on Erik’s discrepancy and the comfort of his guest. The speed was about 45mph, which is hard to gauge that high up with no points of reference (other than clouds and cars on the ground that look like ants). It’s a comfortable speed that feels exhilarating without the wind pressing your cheeks back to your ears.

The ride lasts for about 30 minutes, with Erik describing the natural and man-made landmarks along the way. You can also learn a few meteorological tips. It’s important to make sure that you can hear him, as his comments greatly enhance your experience. I think my fiance got even more out of the ride than I did because he could communicate better with Erik. 

You may also be given the opportunity to steer! I loved it, though I didn’t feel as comfortable as my fiance who steered for about 15 minutes. If you chicken out, just let Erik know and he’ll take the reigns, no harm done.

By far my favorite part of the trip was the descent. We made corkscrew spirals downward, with the craft nearly on its side. I loooooooooved it and wished that we could’ve just done that a couple of times. Landing was a breeze (like I said, he’s a good pilot) and the gentle splash of the water on my legs was a much welcomed refreshment in the hot summer sun.

We encourage you to give it a try! Check Groupon for deals.

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