3 Best Teas for Non-Tea Drinkers

It’s true. There are people in this world who don’t like tea. I’m not sure how they’ve made it this far in life but alas, they survive. Are YOU one of them? If so, I’ve identified three teas for non-tea drinkers that might just make you a convert.

My sister was once like you, a non-tea drinker. With the exception of sweet tea, she’d sip a cup of tea that I made for her and say, “It tastes like grass and twigs. It must be healthy.” I’ve learned that many people feel this way about tea. I set out on a mission to find teas that were bold, flavorful, and nothing like grass and twigs.

You WILL like tea.kopili assam


Assams take two appearances. Some look like the traditional dried, loose leaves and other assams look like dark pellets. I prefer pellet style, such as TeaSource.com’s Kopili Assam and Breakfast Assam. The taste is quite bold: it’s malty and rich, the sort of tea that’s great with milk. It can easily serve as a substitute for coffee or cocoa when you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting. If you’re a beer drinker who likes a smidgen of bitterness, have your assam plain or with the lightest splash of milk. If you’re more of a flavored latte person, add a hint of brown sugar or Sugar in the Raw.

gunpowder teaLapsang Souchong

First, this is the most fun tea to try to pronounce. No one can say it five times, fast. (Good luck. I know you want to try.) This black tea is perfect for folks who think that tea time is for wusses and dandys. Lapsang souchong will make you sprout a handlebar mustache and probably grow a few chest hairs. Real talk.

It smells like gunpowder and a rainy morning in the woods. It’s rustic and earthy when served plain. It maintains that strength even in the presence of milk and white sugar. I recommend this tea for people who enjoy porter beer and stouts. For coffee drinkers, its good for those like espresso shots and americanos–strong and sturdy.

rooibos tea

African Autumn

The base of African Autumn tea is rooibos, a tree bark with a vibrant red color. African Autumn adds cranberry and citrus, resulting in a very artsy-looking mug of tea, with a beautiful rich color that is simultaneously refreshing and stimulating. African Autumn is naturally sweet and fruity. It’s a great afternoon and dessert tea for when you want a hint of something sweet and flavorful. Have it at anytime of year, not just autumn.

For those who like sweet fruit drinks and clear sodas, I recommend rooibos with a tame honey or Teavana Perfectea rock sugar. (Rooibos is very fine, so you can’t steep it in a traditional tea ball with large pores. Try paper filters instead!)

If you’re in the metro Atlanta area (north OTP), stop into The Cupbearer Coffee & Tea Outfitters. This shop carries all of the aforementioned teas as well as dozens of others. They’ve also got a pretty exquisite coffee menu if you feel so inclined.

What’s your fave tea? I’m interesting in trying a few new ones!

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