A creative smoothie might just save your healthy eating plans

benefits of smoothies

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All diets reach a plateau. It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to eat healthier, your a vegetarian or a roaring vegan with multiple years of practice. There will be a day when you look in your fridge and you just…sigh. Everything seems boring, or your just ate it yesterday, or you can’t stomach it anymore.

Then, you discover your favorite new smoothie. Just making it will make you feel better. Here are my completely unscientific, tried-and-true-only-by-me-and-my-friends reasons why this will work:

  • Making these smoothies involves gathering your favorite fresh produce in one place. The colors, textures, and fragrances remind you of all the joys of being healthy! You can physically see the goodness you’re about to put into your body, and you can glorify in the fact that while some losers are about to chomp on chili cheese fries you’re doing something that you body will actually thank you for.
  • Smoothies don’t require chewing, which is perfect for when you don’t really want to “eat” (either because you’re too busy or to lazy) but you know your body needs nourishment.
  • Smoothies let you tap into your inner chemist, your inner inventor and Food Network personality. It’s impossible make a disgusting smoothie if you’re using ingredients that you like (though some may taste better than others). Explore your creative side by creating your own combinations.

Try a few creative smoothie recipes that have gained attention in recent years or use trial and error to discover something new. When you find something that you like, don’t forget to share it with Pure Iced Tea readers!

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