Biodegradable, Non-toxic Paints by Unearthed

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The following is an article that I wrote for Arco out in Newton, MA. I truly appreciate how Unearthed is making the effort to be as upfront as possible about their products, creating health-friendly and earth-friendly paints without cutting corners. Let me know if you’ve tried their products!

“Unearthed opens the door for rich, lasting color without compromising your health or environmental well-being. The company relies on age-old practices of using clay, mineral pigments, and other natural ingredients to create hues that are earthy and refreshing.

While Americans started leaning towards latex, many homeowners throughout Europe and Japan held on to ancient paint formulas using natural ingredients. CEOs Jessica Pfohl and Florian Speier aimed to help the Americas and Australia reconnect with natural paints. They were were inspired by the German Kreidezeit company to turn their passion into a business.

The couple wanted a paint company that went beyond “no VOCs” to paints that were healthy, biodegradable, naturally derived and nontoxic. (Many low or no VOC paints can’t make those boasts.) Unearthed paints and plasters possesses all of those qualities.

Color lovers will be glad to know that natural ingredients do not result in weak color. Rich reds are derived from various clays; blues and greens result from a mixture of heated sulfur, soda, clay and spinel. Mix the primaries to create tones and hues that are perfect for your tastes. There are also five finishes to chose from, providing options that are comparable to big-box stores.

Begin the interior design project that takes your space from lifeless to inspiring. Contact Arco for a consultation, 617.304.6567.


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