Simple Green OXY Pet Stain Remover

Pet ownership has become a love/hate relationship for me.

As a child, the joys of ownership always outweighed the disadvantages–until I moved out on my own and was stuck with vet bills and carpet cleaning. Riley (beagle/ German Shepard mix) came down with some weird urinary issue and Kieran (alley cat) decided she was going to pee on the carpet near her food bowl whenever she felt like it, generally right before meal time if it wasn’t served at 8:30pm sharp. I love them both but I hate cleaning up after them.

Vet bills aren’t entirely avoidable but carpet cleaning doesn’t have to cause an emotional riff between¬† me and my furry companions. Even with my spot carpet cleaner, removing stains proved to be more of a hassle than I wanted to put up with after an obnoxious day at work and a 2.5 hour commute. You can imagine my joy when my brother-in-law introduced me to Simple Green‘s pet stain remover.

It’s simple:¬† spray the spot and walk away. Come back later and the spot isn’t there, just a damp space where it once was. I clean up the left over foam with a damp cloth (or the vacuum cleaner if I let it sit for too long and it has dried). The end. Really, it’s been that easy for me.

Simple Green lacks the toxic chemicals of other household cleaners and is biodegradable. Effective, earth-friendly products get extra points in my book.

The website does not recommend the product for suede, velvet or colored grout. I’ve only used it on my inexpensive, builder grade carpet and can’t vouch for its performance anywhere else. Be smart. Test it out on a small area before using it in larger spaces.

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