Organic Beers Served in Atlanta, In Time for Oktoberfest

fall summit ale

Image via The Full Pint

With Oktoberfests starting up in September and October, now is a great time to see which Atlanta area restaurants, bars, pubs and festivals might be serving organic beers. It’s a go-green spin for those of us who like have a healthy relationship with beer.


Peak Organic Brewing Company is offering Fall Summit Ale, the sound of which makes me want to head out west, climb a mountain and refresh myself with a beer at the top. That isn’t likely to happen since 1.)plane tickets are expensive and 2.) I can refresh myself with a Peak beer at The Porter Beer Bar right here in Atlanta. The Porter also serves Ettienne Dupont, JK Scrumpy, and Samuel Smith organic ciders.


Wait, there is a Gingerbread Ale in this world that I’ve missed? Apparently Bison Brewing Company  has evaded me thus far. Not only to they dish out gingerbread goodness, they also make a Pumpkin Ale and a Honey Basil Ale for those who want to stray from the ordinary. Bison Brewing Company beers can be found at the multiple Ted’s Montana Grill locations throughout Atlanta and the metropolitan area.

pub or bar in atlanta

Image via The Porter Beer Bar


Hotoberfest is October 1, 2011. Don’t miss the beer fest for tree-huggers! There will be over 170 beers for your tasting pleasure, including organic varieties. Proceeds from the event support local organizations for sustainability.


5 Seasons has a few layers of greenness. Though I’m pretty sure that  I had an organic beer last time that I was there (March 2011?) the menu doesn’t list “organic beer.” 5 Seasons does work with local organic farmers for many of their ingredients. In return, the restaurants distribute their spent grain to the farms to use for composting. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. They also have a microbrew that is made with recycled rainwater that is harvested on site.


Where is your favorite place to get organic beers in Atlanta? What’s your favorite label or flavor?

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