Learning to Love LEDs: the big, the bad, and the brilliant

ImageWhile we all like LEDs in our gadgets, many of us haven’t made that leap to LEDs at home. LEDs aren’t the bluish, ghastly fiends that they use to be. They don’t even take light years to warm up anymore. They don’t cost as much as they used to, either. But those features are what drove a lot of people away from these little light emitting diodes and it has taken some major changes to revitalize interest in LEDs for home applications.

Learning to Like LEDs is a fun article on best practices, benefits, and uses of LEDs in residential applications. Get some helpful tidbits like,

Though the advantages of LEDS are evident, you must first make sure that you can provide the proper housing for the bulbs to reap their full potential. The longevity of LEDs helps the lamps to pay for themselves in just 4-6 years but such returns aren’t a sure thing. James Youngston, IALD, LC Principal at Gabler-Youngston explains, “Retrofit lamps are rated for 50,000 hours but that’s based on turning them on is sockets by themselves, not actually putting them into fixtures that are in a hot ceiling.”

Learn more on The Balance Sheet and get the full story in the digital Multi-housing News Magazine on page 40.

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