Interlocking and Palm Rolling Maintenance for Dreadlocks

There’s a NEW VIDEO for you guys! After receiving a few questions about my how to start locs and loc maintenance options, I decided to dedicate a video to the topic.  In “Interlocking and Palm Rolling Maintenance for Dreadlocks,” I share my natural hair care journey from start to present: transitioning from a relaxer, palm rolling my new growth and eventually interlocking my dreadlocks. This video also compares the two loc’ing techniques.

If you’ve ever considered dreads–of if you’re simply dread-curious–check out this video!



2 thoughts on “Interlocking and Palm Rolling Maintenance for Dreadlocks

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like to call them dreads and dreadlocks after I learned something awesome: back in the day (in the dictionary under ‘archaic usage’)”dread” meant “regarded with awe, greatly revered.” Only in recent history did it gain the negative connotation. My mane ought to inspire awe and reverence!

      As for my stylist, the person has changed over the years. I began my locs at a salon that’s now closed and switched to Tracy at Lords and Ladies Salon in Conyers. I can’t attest to her loc starting but her maintenance is on point. She has become increasingly unavailable so I started going to Jamila at Coils Lounge in Sandy Springs. If you get a hold of either woman, you’re in good hands.

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