Celebrate Your Little Victories

I think one of the best ways to enjoy your fitness journey is to celebrate your little victories. We often set large, long-term goals. That leaves a lot of time in the middle to get discouraged, start comparing yourself to other, or lose motivation. When we celebrate our little victories, we trigger that oh-so-loved reward system that can help keep us motivated.

One of my little victories: holding a supported headstand without a wall! Before, I relied on the wall for a sense of comfort. I soon realized that it was also a crutch; I’d “kick” up into my positions with more force (and thus, less control) that I really needed because I knew the wall would catch me.

So I shifted away from the wall.

It felt like that scene in BatmanĀ Dark Knight RisesĀ when he realizes that in order to make it out of the chasm of horrors (or whatever the heck it’s called) he will have to forego using the support rope that held back so many people before him.

Anyway, I did it and I felt like a super hero because I eased up into the supported handstand and held it for about six seconds! Whoo hoo! Unfortunately, I was supposed to be filming a video for a yoga challenge and the camera wasn’t on, so I had to do it again. It took three tries to get back into it but finally–victory!

I celebrated immediately with a happy dance. For my “for real for real” celebration, I made up my mind that I would go to class at a swanky Atlanta studio called Exhale. $25 gets a gal a yoga class and spa access.

Another little victory was my first stage of Firefly pose/ Tittibhasana with shoulder pressing pose.

I think I celebrated that little victory with some mango sorbet.

Dear friends, find a healthy way to celebrate your progress and stick with it!


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